Woodstock Chimes of Orion Silver 30"

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Woodstock Chimes of Orion Silver 30"

The music made by Woodstock Chimes is perfectly authentic because it's tuned to real scales and melodies heard throughout the world from ancient times to the present.  The rich, pure sound quality comes from premium materials, expert design and fabrication methods and of course, precise tuning.  The length of each tube is honed and the sound is checked using an electronic tuning system to ensure the note is correct and the sound is pure.  Some call this "precision tuned,"some call it "musically tuned."

Dimensions: 30 in. Overall Length

Material: Bubinga finish wood, 10 silver tubes, removable windcatcher for easy customization


Named after a hunter in Greek mythology, its brightest stars are Rigel and Betelgeuse.

Shipping NOT available in CALIFORNIA due to Prop 65.
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